Vitayes Italia, a new idea of ​​beauty

At Vitayes Italia we are proud to present you a new editorial project: our blog. We want to tell you a preview and reveal what this new adventure will consist of: a beauty project that we want to carry on together with you and for you! 

Like all companies that are now multinationals, Vitayes was also born from a project. A project linked to the main objective of our business reality, our mission: bring beauty in your homes. Bringing in your hands the best possible tools to change what you don't like and for feel better about yourself.
We wanted to make gods beauty care products that they were a point of reference for the daily skin routine, so that you can look in the mirror every day and think: "Yes, I am exactly the person I want to be". 

Maybe with less wrinkles; or with a more beautiful, brighter, more elastic skin. With a more toned complexion. With a more youthful appearance, fresh, rested, especially after a long day of work. 

We can call it a vocation, ours. Vocation to beauty, understood as elegance, self-esteem e self-confidence. For this reason we have entrusted our goal to the best professionals in the field of bio-cosmetics: to give even the most mature skin timeless youth

Vitayes Italia, here is our blog

We have chosen to create a blog for several reasons. The first of all is to respond adequately to your needs, often directly linked to Vitayes products: ways of use, components and active ingredients, how to best use them according to the specific needs of each. 

But it is not our only purpose: for you we would like to be something more. One space in which to dialogue, in which talk about what is important to you, in which to share wellness tips, the benefits and advantages of certain habits, to become the better version of ourselves. 

We want to make Vitayes a brand that not only deals with reducing wrinkles or introducing you to new products: we want to become a landmark, precisely because Vitayes responds to the need to feel good about yourself, accept and feel comfortable in what we are.

Our hope is that you will want to follow us in this new project. In this 2020 we have many surprises in store: new products, beauty and wellness tips, and many news. You can write to us, of course, to submit your ideas, ask us questions or point out topics you would like us to talk about. We are an open book.

We just have to welcome you in this new adventure from Vitayes Italia!


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