"A human being is an aesthetic creature even before being ethical" (J. Brodsky)


Today the search for beauty and remaining anchored as much as possible to the youth are increasingly felt needs. The outward appearance must communicate freshness, vigor, inner balance, spontaneity, almost an idea of ​​perfect, incorruptible, immortal beauty. Beauty today is synonymous with elegance, strong personality and skill in managing social relations.

All this gives Vitayes an answer: INSTANT AGEBACK it allows us to stop time, to slow it down and with a methodical and long-term use also to recover it!


"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is your job to deserve the one you have at fifty" (Cocò Chanel)


With its exceptional and revolutionary formula (Argireline at 10%), INSTANT AGEBACK allows you to go back in time and rejuvenate the face of 10 years in just a few minutes! The moment we see wrinkles and imperfections dissolve that torment us and make us insecure, we will experience a unique and priceless feeling! A new light, external expression of a rediscovered inner well-being, will shine on our face through our skin. If you look at yourself well, if you look at yourself in the mirror and what you think you like, turn everything into something beautiful, gain confidence, feel a positive feeling and face every event in life differently. We will return to being protagonists of our lives and relationships with others will be as renewed, enriched with new positive colors. 






Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is a non-toxic peptide composed of 6 amino acids, responsible for the relaxing activity of skin

It attenuates and prevents expression lines and signs caused by microcontractions cutaneous

Is not irritating

Smoothes and smoothes the skin, reducing wrinkles and micro-reliefs cutaneous

Induces the production of new collagen, which strengthens and redensifies i tissues


Cutting-edge ingredients and the highest product quality!

Our research and development team constantly follows scientific innovations, to improve products and help you live a healthier and better life.

All this in compliance with the strict German process protocols and quality controls.

The products are clinically and dermatologically tested and confirmed in their effectiveness by independent laboratories.